The Law of Falling


A Novel by Edmund X. DeJesus


A professor is murdered.
An eyewitness sees everything.
The only suspect confesses.

So, what's the problem?

It is physically impossible to commit the murder that way!

To unravel this mystery, it will take a naïve young scientist who is no one's idea of a hero. Mark Napoli may be a wizard at solving puzzles, but he hardly knows one end of a gun from the other. At first, the murder is an enticing riddle, with the added spice of a beautiful but single-minded police detective. But soon he'll have to face a belligerent FBI agent with his own ideas about right and wrong, not to mention a ruthless and shadowy killer who'll stop at nothing to eliminate him.

Mark may have a lot to learn about life, but he already knows enough about...

The Law of Falling Bodies

Love and hate.
Life and death.
Math and physics.



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“Intriguing academic amateur sleuth.”
-- Lady M's Mystery Review
"A great read, with lots of thrills and spills"
-- Midwest Book Review
"Book of the Month"
-- Jerry Pournelle
"Smooth writing, good humor, and a couple of very creative perils"
-- Camille Minichino, author of The Hydrogen Murder

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